12 Stellar Dental Implant Brands: Top Companies Dentists Trust

    • Dental implants can be an effective way to replace missing teeth
    • Patients should be choosy about dental implant brands
    • Top dental implant brands have an established record of efficacy and safety

    According to the American College of Prosthodontists, more than 36 million people in the United States have lost all of their teeth. 120 million more people are missing one or more. Dental implants permanently replace missing teeth and can enhance your appearance, chewing function, and oral health.

    Dental implant procedures have hazards despite the many potential benefits they may offer. Implants with poor design have a higher risk of failure, infection, and gum and jaw injury. In a 2021 review of U.S. Food and Drug Administration files, the Kaiser Family Foundation found 2.1 million complaints regarding dental implants, underscoring the necessity of exercising caution when selecting implants.

    The top 12 dental implant manufacturers listed below stand out for their extensive histories of safe use and cutting-edge innovations. They might have the perfect option for you.

    1. Nobel Biocare

    Nobel Biocare is one of the most popular dental implant brands in the US. The company has been operating out of its Kloten, Switzerland, headquarters since 2022. Xeal and TiUltra are the two primary implant product lines offered by Nobel Biocare.

    To lower the risk of complications associated with implantation operations, Xeal implants maintain the soft tissue in the affected area and encourage regeneration. The cutting-edge TiUltra implants include purposeful surface texture changes that help maintain the stability of the jawbone and neighboring teeth.

    2. Strauman

    Another Swiss dental implant company with a Basel headquarters is Strauman. The business offers dentists a wide selection of product choices when creating a patient's implant treatment plan.

    Some designs use Roxolid, a patented metal alloy composed of zirconium and titanium that is more durable than other metals frequently used in implant manufacturing. SLActive technology, a surface texture pattern that has been clinically proven to cut healing time from six to eight weeks to just three to four weeks, was also developed by the company as a pioneer.

    3. Dentsply Sirona

    In Charlotte, North Carolina, there is a publicly traded business called Dentsply Sirona. After Gendex Corporation and Dentsply International Inc. merged in 1993, it was created. The business produces three primary dental implant systems:

    1. DS Prime Taper;
    2. Astra Tech, and;
    3. Xive.

    Dentsply Sirona offers additional support that some other brands don't to dentists who opt to work with them. For instance, the business provides online training courses to keep practitioners current on the most recent developments in implant dentistry.

    4. Zimmer Biomet

    Based in Warsaw, Indiana, Zimmer Biomet is medical equipment maker. The business has made tools and gadgets for bones, joints, and teeth since 1927. The company's dental implant lineup includes the T3, Trabecular Metal, and Eztetic systems.

    The T3 implant is notably well recognized. These hybrid-style implants are the best option for patients with substantial bone loss. According to five-year clinical research, patients who received T3 implants had a lower risk of infections and soft tissue issues than patients who received other implants.

    5. Implant Direct

    Since its establishment in 2006, Implant Direct has transformed the dental implant market by selling its products online directly to dentists. The California-based business helped dentists and their patients by lowering the cost of purchasing the supplies needed for implant treatments.

    Envista, the parent company of Nobel Biocare, is currently the owner of Implant Direct. The company creates Legacy2, Legacy3, and Legacy4 implant systems and puts them through extensive testing to guarantee their efficiency and safety. Research demonstrates within five years of implantation that Legacy products are stable and cause relatively few alterations to the bone and soft tissues.

    6. BioHorizons

    Dental implant producer BioHorizons is based in Birmingham, Alabama. The business started making dental implants in 1994, and dentists like its Tapered Plus, Tapered Pro, and Tapered 3.0 implant systems.

    All Tapered dental implants have Laser-Lok channels that facilitate soft tissue adhesion to them after placement. It supports the healing process and creates a solid barrier for germs to lower the chance of infection.

    7. Hossein Implant

    Founded in the United States in 2006, Hossein Implant is a South Korean business Osstem Implant division. The business's headquarters are in Englewood, New Jersey, and its Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania factory is where the dental implants are made.

    The ET Implant System, the best-selling implant series from Hossein Implant, comes in three variations to meet the needs of patients. Major magazines, including CR Foundation and Dentistry Today, have praised the ET system's excellence, applauding its simple deployment technique that makes implant operations in dental clinics easier and quicker to execute.

    8. ACE Surgical

    In Brockton, Massachusetts, oral surgeon Dr. J. Edward Carchidi established ACE Surgical Supply. The business produces many dental tools and supplies, including the highly regarded Infinity Dental Implant system.

    Infinity implants were created with dentists' and their patient's needs in mind. As a result, they are built to reduce the possibility of issues, including bone loss, screw loosening, and fracture. Due to ACE Surgical Supply's dedication to lowering overhead and operational costs, Infinity Dental implants are more cost-effective than alternative systems.

    9. Blue Sky Bio

    Blue Sky Bio has been producing state-of-the-art dental implants and other tools in Libertyville, Illinois, since 2005. The business has reduced the cost of dental implantation treatments without compromising quality by selling directly to dentists through an online store.

    Dental implants from its BIO line come in various configurations to meet the demands of different patients. Due to the company's ActivFluor technology, which uses fluoride to improve the surface of screws, BIO Max implants are well-liked options. The mineral's presence improves the stability of implants.

    10. Titan Implants

    New Jersey, in 2000 had significant design problems that prevented them from securing firmly. The business set out to address this all-too-common issue from the beginning. Its research and development team accomplished significant implant area attachment technology advancements.

    The company does not make independent implants. To reduce the danger of infection and increase stability, it instead concentrates on creating hardware that can be utilized with many standard dental implants.

    11. MegaGen

    A South Korean brand called MegaGen operates in more than one hundred nations. MegaGen America, its American subsidiary, is based in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey.

    The BlueImplant, known for its blue tint, is the brand's premier dental implant line. Due to its distinctive color, dentists may more readily identify acid residues on the surface and eliminate them before implantation to lower the risk of problems. Due to its effectiveness and safety, BlueImplant has received the Clean Implant Foundation's Trusted Quality Award five times.

    12. Bicon

    One of the first American-based dental implant manufacturers, Bicon was founded in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1985. Due to their long history of use and straightforward yet very successful design, the company's original Bicon SHORT implants continue to be a preferred choice among dentists.

    These implants have a plateau-like base that offers more surface area for soft tissue to adhere to throughout the healing process and a locking taper to strengthen the stability of the connection.

    How to Choose the Best Dental Implants for Your Needs

    The effectiveness of therapy depends on selecting dental implants and the dentist who will properly carry out the procedure. Plan meetings with several dentists to maximize your chances of success. Inquire about each person's specific experience placing dental implants. Find out which implant they think is the best choice for you among the ones they offer.

    To make sure that you end up with implants that last a long time and fit, look, and function as naturally as possible, take the time to consider all of your alternatives carefully.